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What Are The "Working, Productive" Clients of SBM Saying About Us?:

"As a working film, television and theatre actor, I have almost never met an industry professional with Neil Siskind's level of care, integrity and responsiveness. Neil has made wonderful introductions for me and has filled me with great ideas and motivation towards growing and expanding my career. He is the most giving, professional and experienced person I have come across in years in this industry. He has never taken from me and keeps on giving. He took me to brunch last week and was fighting me for the bill! I am proud to call Neil Siskind my Manager."

-Herman Wilkins, actor  

"My career and belief in myself have increased 10-fold since signing with Neil Siskind as my manager. I wake up every day with purpose, direction and motivation. I never expected to get so much from a Manager. Neil is even more excited than I am myself for my studio feature-film appearance to be released in September. He is the most giving and honest person I have met in this industry. Working with Neil really has changed my career trajectory. I recommend Neil Siskind and Siskind Business Management to any actor or artist considering talent and business management."

-T. J. Craig, actor

"I love Neil. It has been my pleasure to work with him. He has been so supportive of my TV Pilot role which is now being marketed and is receiving a great response. Neil Siskind provides so many ideas and angles that I never would have considered without his help. Siskind Business Management just keeps on giving, building and helping me climb the ladder in this business. I look forward to the day when I can give Neil something in return for all of his guidance."

-Jessica Devlin, actor

"Even before coming on board with Neil Siskind and Siskind Business Management, Neil was giving me his thoughts and advice, which I found invaluable. Once we made our relationship official, he took off right out of the gate with amazingly creative and commercially viable concepts that we got right to work on. His mind is one-half creative, and the other half business, which is exactly what someone with my multifaceted career requires. Neil thinks in the broadest of terms and in multiple dimensions, which has given me a whole other way of looking at and approaching my career. Neil Siskind and Siskind Business Management has given me so much so fast that I can only imagine what the future holds for me."

-Tom Bentey, actor, writer, director

Neil Siskind came to me highly recommended by his clients and it was immediately clear to me why. Although he is an accomplished attorney and businessperson, he has a passion for the arts and sympathy for the plight and challenges of artists in the industry today. The time and great detail that Neil takes during conversations about my career, combined with his interest in exposing me to new ideas, is moving and inspiring. I am looking forward to continuing this great experience with Neil in the same manner as Neil’s other clients.

-Virginia Dutton, Best Actress, SATURNALIA


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Notice: Due to a recent rash of disturbances by an individual "actor" against the firm online and offline, and personal security concerns, we are now only accepting new clients via referral from existing clients or by company invitation. We can no longer accept cold submissions from out-of-work actors whose personal histories and backgrounds are unclear, due to present circumstances. We will, however, continue to accept submissions for management from actors/writers/directors/athletes who prove to be consistently employed in the industry. Sorry. Thank you for inquiring.


Business and Talent Management for Entertainers, Artists & Athletes

Your job is to create, perform and entertain. Our job, as management, is to provide the framework, discipline and strategy to guide you in the difficult and challenging business of entertainment and to manage your business affairs of all kinds.

Talent Management

Talent management is itself an art which entails working closely with talent to set career goals and parameters, create an image, project a persona, improve upon professional skills, evaluate roles and opportunities, direct marketing and networking activities and keep the talent on the right track on their journey through the industry.

While agents are transactional in nature and seek the next job for clients, management is about strategy and execution. We oversee and advise on all aspects of a client's life and career and we work with our clients to set a game plan for the future. We then take all steps to promote our client's careers and manage the decision-making process based on that predetermined strategy and game plan. Each job opportunity that arises is balanced against the big picture that we put in place for our client's future, taking into consideration all artistic, image and financial considerations.

Business Management

The business side of the entertainment industry, as opposed to the creative side, is complex. Managing financial and business matters is itself a full-time job. Business management services comprise of financial, business, lmarketing, networking, branding, product and professional advice and coordination. "The business" is growing increasingly complex and multidimensional and requires a comprehensive business strategy which is evaluated and tackled on a daily basis.

We have experience handling large business transactions, providing high net worth client counsel, negotiating entertainment contracts, negotiating high-value business transactions, counseling on client financial concerns, organizing public relations campaigns, developing copyright and trademark usage strategies and providing brand management solutions. We ensure that our clients' personal assets, contract benefits, professional opportunities and personal and business interests are actively managed in the most efficient and effective manners. 

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can manage your specific artistic and business needs and maximize the results of all of your professional endeavors.


SBM Supports Parents Against Internet Bullying:  Internet Bullying is a dangerous practice. We have seen in recent news how much unnecessary violence follows on the heels of Internet bullying and online tirades by antisocial people using lies and fantastical thinking to exact revenge and pain against innocent victims whose lives are affected. Internet bullies enter into their fantasy world of the Internet where they hide behind a keyboard to attain the power and justice they feel eludes them in real life. Studies show that such people are usually social outcasts at school or unemployed adults seeking to have the world feel their pain. They believe they can get what they want by embarrassing others and ruining hard-earned reputations with convoluted lies and one-sided stories, rather than acting in the mature and responsible ways dictated by society. Please reject Internet bullies by precluding them from your social networks online, and from your real-life social circles. Internet bullies are often loose-cannons whom are disconnected to real-life's norms and ethics, and, if you say the wrong thing, you may find yourself the next victim of their Internet rants. When people compromise the dignity of their families, children, parents, careers and associates for the thrill of spending their days defaming and attacking people on the Internet, it tells you that they have no limits and have nothing to lose. The Internet can be a productive tool or it can be a destructive weapon when in the hands of antisocial people whom success eludes and who have defaulted their lived to an Internet existence. Be positive in your life- and keep positive friendships!

Words to Live by:
Those who are winning are winning for a reason.
Those who are losing are losing for a reason.
The words of a winner will always be to build-up others.
The words of a loser will always be to tear-down others.
Whose words will you believe in? That is up to you.

-Neil S. Siskind, J.D., President